Aladdin is a playable character in DK Network.


  • Sword: Gives Aladdin high power.
  • Flying Carpet: Gives Aladdin the ability to fly and command it in battle.
  • Magic Lamp: Gives him the ability to summon Genie.


  • High Power
  • Flight



  • Slash
  • Stab
  • Kick
  • Flying Bump


  • Slip: Aladdin commands his flying carpet to attack the legs of the opponent making them slip and fall on their face.
  • Hold: Aladdin commands his flying carpet to wrap around the opponent holding them while he walks to them and slashes them across their body.
  • Magic Beam: Aladdin rubs his magic lamp summoning Genie to shoot magic beams at the opponent.
  • Keyblade Slash: Aladdin summons Genie to slash the opponent with his keyblade knocking the opponent back.

Ultimate MoveEdit

One Wish: Aladdin wishes anything he wants as long as it kills the opponent.

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